Penwood 750
For both the enviroment and the econmy, saving energy is the number one goal in 21st century. The thermal insulation value Uf = 1.1 W/(m2.K) of Penwood profiles enables us to do this.
PENWOOD is the profile system of the 21st century with its energy saving and ease on window production.
  • 70mm profile, PVC Profile; UF : 1.1 W/m²K
  • Two in One, Composite reinforcement profile extruded together
  • No Need for reinforcement cutting unit, Screwing Unit and workman
  • Withstanding all climate conditions
  • Max Heat – sound and Water insulation
  • Just cut & Weld. Stronger resistance on welded corners
  • No need extra Stock area for Metal Reinforcement
  • 4,20,24 and 30,32,42 mm glazing alternatives due to rich choice of glazing beadss
  • Offset Type Sash
  • Water drainage channel; You can directly be drilled aer cutting
  • You can make Windows any Dimensions
  • Laminated colour range
  • It’s quality is accredited by international certificate
Laminated Colors
Dark Oak
Golden Oak
Red Lam